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  • Written by: Alaa El-Husseini.

Have you heard about Rozza Designs Company? Do you have the curiosity about their services? Rozza Designs company by the owner, Eng: Rozan Al-khozondar, who’s considered as one of the most inspiring women in Gaza, Palestine. Despite the tough life the Gazans live, and the bad circumstances they’re going through. Eng: Rozan decided to go for it, and she wants to highlight the beautiful side of Gaza, spread the colorful happiness in her country, and share love among her people.

The Beginning of Rozza Designs Company

The heart of Rozza Designs Company, Eng: Rozan, is a Palestinian woman who has completed her BS at Computer Programming Engineering in Egypt, decided to work on something she likes, not following others in the traditional and routine jobs. However, she tweeted outside the flock, through turn her hobbies and passion in designing to reality. With the support of her dad, husband and children, she opened her first online gift shop in 2017 in Gaza, Palestine. She embodies special design to many items, such as cups, T-shirts, bags and others, by using the best materials and pieces of equipment.

The creative company, Rozza Designs marked on it’s wonderful, joyful and beautiful designs and logos that reach the exact messages to you once you look at it. A lot of companies rush to design their unique and professional logos, in order to represent their identity and make connections between their brands and consumers. Therefore, Rozza Designs Company is the best choice to achieve this goal.

Moreover, Rozza Designs Company works with Japanese and Saudi companies and helps them to develop their business, they admire the ideas of the company and looking forward to the next levels with Rozza Designs Company.

One of the fundamental achievements in Rozza life is when she was chosen to participate in the ” women entrepreneurial ” program in the USA. The Other one, when her story at the business world, was taught in the private and the public Jordanian schools in Amman, as a successful Palestinian businesswoman. She empowers every woman to start her own project. Besides, she advises them to believe in their abilities and skills to be successful.

Freelance World and Gazans

While development in this world and global markets, some career sectors change and others seem obvious to appear such as freelance jobs. Due to the COVID-19 situation, everyone depends on online jobs. So that field extends and more necessary. Now you can employ a professional freelancer in another side of the world without meeting and he delivers a perfect job on time.

The Gazans get the chance to work freelancing at many of the global companies. Especially in translation, Graphic design, Writing and Programming jobs. Rozza Designs Company has been established to enhance such a great chance and to reduce the unemployment in designing and many other freelance services. The company got a professional team consists of creative Graphic designers, Artists and Content Writers.


Rozza Designs Company Members

  •  Bahi Al Dabba, 24 years old. Graphic designer, automotive designer and artists who are known in yellow color. He is admired in this positive color as his character. He has a passion for designing amazing cars using an illustrator or sketch. Because he wants to reach his dream on the global market, he connects with many famous companies including BMW. They positively respond to him about his talent in designing cars. Furthermore, he has 4 years in the world of graphic design. In his last report with PDN, He said: ” the most important person that plays a major role in my career life is Rozan El-Khozndar, support me as well”.

View one of the creative designs for Bahi

Bahi-Rozza Designs
Creative design for Bahi


  •  Baraa Abu Al- Rous, 21 years old. Graduated in 2019 from motion graphics major. He worked as a freelancer for local and traditional companies for 2 years. Now he is one of our creative team members.

View one of the creative logos for Baraa.

Baraa-Rozza Designs
Creative logo for Baraa



  •  Nabeel Hania, 22 years old. Studied 2 majors which are graphic design and interior design. He graduated in 2017. Due to the lack situation in the Gaza strip, he goes to the freelance world and specializes in the design of social media posts.

View one of creative logos for Nabeel.

Nabeel-Rozza Designs
Creative logo for Nabeel


  •  Yasser Awdallah, 26 years old. He studied computer engineering and specializes in digital art and sketching. He stands upon his own two feet and he keeps on self -learning in this beautiful world. Besides, he also receives support from Rozza Designs in Designing and digital art.

View one of an amazing digital drawing and design in Arabic calligraphy for Yasser.

Yasser- Rozza Designs
Drawing and design in Arabic calligraphy for the map of Palestine




Services of Rozza Designs Company

 Creative Design and Multimedia Services:

Rozza Design’s first service is the unique experience in the field of design, advertising and video. It assures you to keep up your business with the marketing place, includes the following:

  1. – Branding and Visual Identities
  2. – Graphic Design
  3. – Designing social media pages
  4. – UI design
  5. – UX design
  6. – Editing of all types of video
  7. – Voiceover
  8. – Photography


 E-Marketing Service:

Rozza Designs’ second service is E-marketing to grow your business and increase your profits with a short time. Besides, it will provide creative marketing solutions resulting from conducting the necessary studies. Also, many marketing services as well as the use of modern technologies that deliver amazing results include the following:

  1. -Write and implement a marketing plan
  2. -Manage social media platforms
  3. -Content Writing
  4. -Writing articles in Arabic and English
  5. -Implement marketing campaigns
  6. -Manage funded advertisements
  7. -SEO improvement
  8. -Email Marketing
  9. -WhatsApp Marketing
  10. -Influencer Marketing
  11. -Study and analyze performance and achievement

If you’d like one or more of the professional Rozza Designs Company’s services, please contact us via email:

or Whatsapp: +972599992997

Don’t waste your time, you got the right place to have the best services in the digital world!

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